ReArt Yourself - Public Event in Prague

ReArt Yourself - Public Event in Prague

Take a seat in interactive lounge and allow your imagination to unleash while joyfully contemplating about semi-familiar light structures that grow right under your fingers.

ReArt Yourself
Prague Congress Centre

Get Primal…

Primal Ritual is what we call an extraordinary and comprehensive experience delivered through our
Primal Ritual Environment Enhancer (PREE). It spirits surroundings with light natural fractals… able to create space where you just are with eyes wide open, touching the light dough with your fingers and say "Wow... clouds, plants, flames, fungi, cells, stars, faces..." You smoothly (or roughly) merge with visuals using hands or body, candle, flashlight, laser...
And also niche custom-built multi touch control board.
A must-see experience that cannot be described enough with words. PREE might be deployed anywhere, inside or outside. Can be used temporarily during events or as premanent architectural source of light. Each PREE is site-specific, merging with the space and making it better place to be.

Where to Experience PREE


Unique light installation you can play with and relax at parties, teambuildings, concerts, exhibitions...
PREE`s impact depends on how much do you want to concentrate and free your mind. It might only be fancy background of your event. Or could be the leading tool, unleashing your imagination. Each moment is uniquely made in real time. Can never be the same.


PREE is ambient light source emphasizing interior or exterior design. Turning surface alive.

Exceptional enlightment of public spaces: system architecture, rock, glass, tree branches in the wind, flowing stream of water, cloths... together with people`s movements. It all interacts in subtle way, inspiring people to chill and contemplate.

Long-term Space Flights

Space travellers might suffer from the lack of contact with natural creative forces bountiful on Earth but rare on the board of the space ship.
PREE built in private room entertainment system might help space pilgrims to relax, meditate or overcame possible homesick.

Home Enhancer

Exclusive high-end home installation for endless light lovers.


Got interested?


Love looking into the fire.
Sacred state where energy building the shape of substance is wildly released in the form of light and heat.
Matter loses its form and falls apart, reminding what is our essence.
In flames one can see the inner self. Imagination unleashed. People have looked into flames since the beginning of time. First human ritual.

Exploring the way things develop you may always find the same intelligence behind that process, no matter what kind of "thing" it is.
Maybe you have experienced it already. In a dream, while perceiving wonders of nature or in altered states of mind.
You can find it anywhere you look. In microstructures of tissues and minerals, plants, bodies, formations of stars and galaxies - the ubiquitous, yet hidden archetypal symbols of pure symmetry, fractal generation, repeating cycles of inception, evolution and extinction... showing there might be some universal consciousness behind all that.

Things evolve in time.
The present state of reality is similar to the previous one and the next one probably will be similar to the present one.
One state feeds back the other.

All the progress is fractal-connected.
The universe seems like one complex feedback loop.

Two mirrors/moments facing each other.
Absolute feedback.
Using technology breathtakingly opening the magic gate entering the symbolic realm of infinity.

Thanks to this miraculous natural phenomena we experience interactive evolution of space-time in its basic essence. 

Using Primal Ritual Environment Enhancer you can play with the great flow, mother nature's creative process.


Primal Ritual visually enlivens austere spaces and brings natural fractals to delight the eye and soul. Independent scientific studies confirm the positive effect of fractals on human consciousness, and there is a consensus that prolonged exposure to the Euclidean geometry of modern urban architecture can cause tension, stress and neurosis.

Primal Ritual allows people to play with subtle connections between these ever-changing elements within the fluid space-time we inhabit.