ReArt Yourself

Prague Congress Centre, from 9th November 2023

Free entry, open Monday to Friday, 9:00-19:00, entrance 5.
The exhibition is placed under the auspices of the mayor of Prague 4 Ondřej Kubín.

Vstupné zdarma, otevřeno od pondělí do pátku mezi 9 a 19 hodinou, vstup 5.
Výstava je realizována pod záštitou starosty Prahy 4 Ondřeje Kubína.

Here you can see live stream. If the video is unavailable, the exhibition is temporarily closed.
In the meantime you can watch comprehensive archive of previous streams at the link below.
Zde můžete vidět živé vysílání. Pokud není video dostupné, výstava je dočasně uzavřena.
Mezi tím si můžete prohlédnout obsáhlý archiv uplynulých streamů na odkaze níže.

Primal Ritual is what we call an extraordinary and comprehensive experience delivered through our unique
Primal Ritual Environment Enhancer (PREE). This state*of*the*art/tech device spirits surroundings with light natural fractals… able to create space where you just are with eyes wide open, touching the light dough with your fingers and say "Wow... clouds, plants, flames, fungi, cells, stars, faces..." You smoothly (or roughly) merge with visuals using hands or body, candle, flashlight, laser... And also multi touch remote control.
A must-see experience that cannot be described enough with words. PREE might be deployed anywhere, inside or outside. Can be used temporarily during events or as premanent architectural source of light. Each PREE is site-specific, merging with the space and making it better place to be.

Partners of the Exhibition