EvoluCOM is entertainment device creating incredibly live interactive visuals you can dive into. Visuals are based on natural fractals resembling creations like clouds, plants, flames, cells, faces etc. People can smoothly modify visuals with movements of hands or the whole body. You can also use lighter, flashlight or laser pointer... a must-see experience that cannot be described enough with words ("one feels like the God creating life-like structures made of light").

light installation you can play with and relax at parties, meetings, exhibitions...
live music visuals
animated sceneries for theatre
fun education for kids and open-minded adults about the way fractal reality developes
high-end home installation for endless light lovers :-)

EvoluCOM`s impact depends on how much do you want to concentrate and free your mind. It can be only fancy background of your event. Or it can be the main topic and the leading tool to unleash your imagination.

EvoluCOM turns any surface alive (walls, tiles, rocks, metal, wood paneling, trees, water...)
Each seance is uniquely made in real time according to surrounding. People`s movements, semitransparent cloths, tree branches waving in the wind or flowing stream of water ... it all interacts with projections and cause very subtle organic movements and flashes.

EvoluCOM system is portable worldwide.
Price is individual.
Email: be@ondrej.be
Phone: +420 608 144 344